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Psychological Effects of Domestic Violence

Posted by Cathy Lucas on

Domestic violence will never do anyone good. Apart from the victim, other people around them especially in the household could suffer the detrimental psychological effects of Domestic Violence. Children for one can be traumatized. The people surrounding the victim can likewise be in a dilemma as well- relatives and friends can be puzzled whether to reach out and help, or intervene by telling the authorities about the matter.

Sometimes victims themselves hide their bruises to avoid discussing domestic violence. (Photo Credits)

But domestic violence is a sensitive matter. There are times when the victim herself would not like to act or respond to the violence that had taken place. As a result, the episode of violence can recur and wreak an even larger psychological havoc on the victim.

Psychology Today has mentioned several psychological consequences of domestic violence. In their lengthy article on the topic, they highlighted that the cycle of violence may be partly blamed for domestic violence as the abuser usually has been abused as a child.

“After a period of time, it’s not uncommon for victims of domestic violence (like victims of all types of abuse and trauma) to develop the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). And because studies have proven that those who suffer from PTSD can be inclined toward violence, the cycle of abuse repeats itself through generations and is hard to break. For victims for whom domestic violence leads to PTSD, they struggle with a long-term psychological disorder that can be challenging to diagnose and conquer.”

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Devastating Effects

Good Therapy meanwhile shared the horrible psychological consequences of domestic violence, which according to their write-up can be very devastating towards the spouse or intimate partner. They also mentioned about the social consequences of domestic violence as well as its effects on children. WHO on violence against women

“For victims of spousal abuse and other types of intimate partner violence, however, the situation is not always so clear-cut. Fear of retaliation from the abusive partner might prevent victims from seeking needed assistance. Feelings of shame and embarrassment, especially among male victims, can also be a major hindrance to seeking out services or aid. This lack of emotional support can lead to heightened fear, anxiety, depression, anger, posttraumatic stress, social withdrawal, the use of illicit drugs, alcohol dependence, and even suicidal ideation.”

The rest of the discussion can be found here.

Domestic violence comes with a lot of consequences, and what is important is that the victim knows what to do, and whom can she run for help and support. Support is definitely needed by the victim from family, friends, and relatives and her community.

Psychological Effects of Medical Malpractice Lawsuit on Doctors

Posted by Cathy Lucas on

Doctors may appear invincible to psychological and emotional pain given the highly stressful environment that they work in every day of their life. Trauma, dreadful diseases, and even death are on their plate every single day, what else could emotionally shock them?

A medical malpractice lawsuit though can be the Achilles heel of any high flying physician. It can bring out the best of the worst in them. They could undergo so much distress that their work and personal life can be heavily impacted by the charges.

Medical malpractice lawsuits can happen to any physician or health professional. (Photo Credits)

The US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health has published a study stating the psychological impact of a malpractice lawsuit on health professionals

“More than 95% of physicians react to being sued by experiencing periods of emotional distress during all or portions of the lengthy process of litigation.1 This may begin immediately on being served with the complaint by a sense of outrage, shock, or dread about the personal and financial effects of the eventual outcome. This is the first reaction in a series that is similar to those that accompany any major life event (box 2).2 Feelings of intense anger, frustration, inner tension, and insomnia are frequent throughout this period.”

Download the whole manuscript here.

Emotional Impact of a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

The Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine also came up with an article that mentioned the emotional impact of a medical malpractice lawsuit on a physician. They also mentioned in their write-up that resilience has much to do about being able to cope in such a highly stressful life event. American board of professional liability attorneys

“Because of the nature of our work as physicians, we are isolated, and malpractice isolates us further. Because of embarrassment, we avoid talking with our colleagues and managers. Legal counsel reminds us to correspond with no one about the details of the case. Spouses and friends may offer support, but it is difficult— perhaps impossible—to be reassured.”

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Defensive Medicine

The AMA Journal of Ethics meanwhile shared the concept of Defensive Medicine which arose following the spate of medical malpractice cases filed against health practitioners.

“The goal of defensive medicine is to ensure that, if the patient later sues, the physician has gone above and beyond what is required. Defensive medicine is directly traced to medical malpractice law—without the threat of litigation, there would be no reason to practice defensively.”

Read more information on this from the original article here.

Medical malpractice lawsuits indeed takes a huge toll on any health practitioner. It is important to get all the support one can get, foremost from a good medical malpractice criminal defense attorney.

All About Medical Malpractice Insurance

Posted by Cathy Lucas on

Medical malpractice insurance is important for every health practitioner, simply because no one is exempted from experiencing a lawsuit at any point in their career. Whether they err in the practice of their profession or not, sometimes malpractice lawsuits can be inevitable.

For this reason, more and more health professionals are availing of medical malpractice insurance. Apart from getting a brilliant medical malpractice defense lawyer, having a medical liability insurance coverage can somehow help provide peace of mind amid the emotional turmoil of facing a medical lawsuit litigation process.

Every health professional should be aware of the facts about medical liability insurance. (Photo Credits)

A malpractice insurance is basically an insurance coverage that a health practitioner avails of, so that someone who may sue him for alleged negligent practices or wrongful decisions that have resulted to medical injuries or death have something to claim against. This can be availed of as a group, usually purchased by medical institutions.

Personal finance website discussed medical malpractice insurance, and has mentioned several crucial information about it. In their write up they also mentioned some statistics involving malpractice claims.  Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

“In the US alone, 15,000 to 19,000 medical malpractice suits are filed every year, and $38 billion was paid out between 1986 and 2010 for misdiagnosis of a patient. However, 80 percent of medical malpractice cases end with no payouts at all. In a medical malpractice lawsuit, the plaintiff needs to prove a medical professional violated the general standard of care of a patient, as defined by the medical community.”

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Types of Medical Malpractice Insurance Coverage

The US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health has shared an academic manuscript on malpractice insurance and what health workers need to know about it. In the article they mentioned that there are two basic types of malpractice insurance: the occurrence policies, and then the claims-made. National Association of Criminal Lawyers

“Claims-made insurance provides coverage only for incidents that occurred and were reported while you are insured with that carrier. Thus, both the incident and the filing of the claim must happen while the policy is in effect. If you drop a claims-made policy, you are not covered for any suits filed later unless you pay for what is known as “tail coverage,” the term used for an extended reporting endorsement. Tail coverage is expensive—often three times the amount of an annual premium—but it’s essential to be insured for any claims that could arise later.”

Read about the occurrence type of policy in the continuation of the article here.

Medical malpractice insurance is indeed something that every health practitioner should carefully consider, given the uncertainty of the medical profession. Consequently, hiring the services of a good malpractice defense attorney can be the best move to ensure the protection of one’s best interest.

What to do When Charged with Medical Malpractice

Posted by Cathy Lucas on

Medical lawsuits can affect any health practitioner at least once in their career. In spite of that, it remains to be a devastating phase of medical professional’s life because it certainly puts a great uncertainty in their life. Uncertainty that can only be resolved after either an out of court settlement, or following the ruling in a charge that has progressed into a trial.

Surviving a medical malpractice lawsuit takes courage and resilience on the part of a physician. It is important that he secure the services of a brilliant medical malpractice defense attorney. (Photo Credits)

For this reason, seasoned physicians would advise those who are experiencing malpractice lawsuits for the first time to get their hands on a brilliant medical malpractice defense attorney who can fight for their rights in court. Only a heavily experienced criminal defense attorney can work best for an emotionally injured physician, looking for answers in a lawsuit he is facing.

The website Emergency Physicians Monthly has published an article detailing how medical professionals cope with medical malpractice lawsuits. In the article, the author likened the coping ways to coping with grief, complete with the five stages that a loved one feels following a loss. In the same article, the author strongly advised that the defendant be armed with a brilliant malpractice defense counsel who can be his main support system during this extremely trying time in his career.

“Once again, having a support system to get you through this stage is essential.  Your attorney often plays a crucial role in guiding you at this time by giving you critical confidence in your case and in yourself.  Once you can reconcile the self-pity you feel as a result of the frustrations of the lawsuit process, you will be a stronger person and better physician.”

Read the complete write-up here.

Tips to Cope with a Lawsuit

The website Emergency Expert meanwhile shared some coping tips for physicians who are facing medical liability lawsuits. According to the article the coping tips are especially helpful during the whole litigation process. Association of Federal Defense Attorneys

“Discuss personal feelings with a trusted person, such as an attorney or another physician. Seek support from a local medical group. Ask the lawyer to explain your role in the process. Participate in choosing your own medical experts. Take an active role in the defense of the case.     Engage in activities that will increase confidence, such as clinic committee work or accreditation activities. Take time away from your practice.”

The rest of the advice can be found here.

Facing the Challenges

Physician’s blogsite meanwhile shared ways on how physicians could start facing the medical malpractice lawsuit filed against them. In the article, the author also detailed how physicians can cope with the stress. Medical Malpractice Wiki

“Approach the lawsuit simply as an unfortunate consequence of practicing medicine, the price of being a physician. In today’s medical climate, a lawsuit is essentially inevitable, especially if you conduct procedures. Treat the litigation as another necessary part of your career, and take the same approach as you would toward other hurdles like a board exam. Be meticulous. Go over your chart. Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the case. Be ready for your meetings with your attorney, and take an active role in your defense.”

The continuation of the article can be found here.

A lawsuit can indeed be very detrimental to a doctor’s career and emotional wellbeing, but having a good criminal defense attorney can greatly help in advocating for one’s stand during the long litigation process involved in lawsuits.

How to Move on with a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Posted by Cathy Lucas on

Being charged with medical malpractice is no joke. It is a serious matter that can affect the career, reputation, and the whole life of a health practitioner, regardless if the accusation is true or not. For this reason it will always be in the best interest of a medical practitioner who is facing such charges to get the best criminal defense lawyer that he can get, so that someone could advocate for his rights in court, and protect him, his reputation, practice, and even his properties.

Modern Medicine Network says most physicians who have experienced a medical malpractice lawsuit move on from that event in their life either through early retirement, or through continuation of practice. Because the effects could be emotionally devastating, Modern Medicine Network says some move on and continue practicing but with utmost caution and defensiveness, while others manage to continue with their profession and allow their careers to once again flourish.

“A lawsuit can be a life- and career-changing event. However, it can also create an opportunity for a fresh start, one that is better for patients, and that makes you enjoy the practice of medicine once again. Put yourself back in charge of your life after a lawsuit. Don’t let it define you or your practice. Then take the steps that will enable you to continue to provide care to patients who need and want your knowledge and expertise.”

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Moving on with Confidence

Physician blogsite shared a blogpost written by a physician who had once been charged of a medical liability lawsuit. In that article he claimed that the effects had a lot of negative impact in his career and personal life during the two years that the trial went on. And with his learnings, he shared some pieces of advice for his fellow medical practitioners who are facing malpractice lawsuits. American board of professional liability attorneys

“By adopting certain strategies, I was able to mitigate many of the negative effects so many doctors experience. Litigation will inevitably be an intense and challenging experience, but you can avoid it becoming a crisis. You can still maintain your self-assurance, keep your relationships intact, and continue to provide the vital medical care on which your community relies.”

Check out the rest of the article here.

Family Experience

The meanwhile published the experience of a family member of a physician who has been exonerated from a medical malpractice lawsuit. The author’s father apparently was blameless but still, the hospital where he worked has taken away his privileges to work in their institution, impacting their finances, her father’s career, and outlook in life. The author later on became a medical malpractice defense lawyer, working to defend physicians who believed their decisions were right at the time it was needed to be carried out. Medical Malpractice Wiki

“I saw people—both patients and physicians—lose their livelihoods, their lives, their minds, all seeking one thing: exculpation in the narrative of litigation. Deeply, passionately, desperately seeking someone on a pedestal with a gavel, saying “guilty” to someone other than themselves.”

Read her whole narrative here.

Securing the services of a brilliant medical malpractice defense attorney is a must when facing a medical lawsuit. While it would not take any of the emotional distress of the situation, having a good criminal defense lawyer by one’s side, will somehow give the defendant a chance to regain his trust to himself.