9 Ways Music and Arts Help Patients Heal from Addiction and Mental Health Issues

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Many people suffer from substance abuse, mental health issues, aggression, and anxiety. There are several treatments to overcome these issues, one of which is music and art therapy. Some patients who are not comfortable with taking medication and attending 12-step support meetings find comfort in music and art therapy. But what benefits can get from this kind of treatment? Before we discuss that, let’s define what this therapy is all about first.

What is Music and Art Therapy?


Music and art therapy helps patients improve their communication skills in the form of music and art. Speaking is not the only form of communication; it also involves movements, painting, dancing, singing, writing, and more. The goal of this type of therapy is to help patients express themselves and promote wellness through arts and music. It is about giving patients an outlet to heal completely from their struggles in life.


Here are 9 ways music and art can help heal you from addiction and mental health issues:


  1. A Way To Release Anger and Frustrations


One reason why people become violent and aggressive is that they have no idea how to properly release the anger and frustration inside them. By undergoing art and music therapy, they find a new way of releasing these bad feelings. Instead of lashing out at other people or sometimes even hurting themselves, they can turn that powerful emotion into something beautiful.


  1. Focus Attention From Something Else


People suffering from drug abuse can take their mind off of the drugs and focus their attention on doing something else. It helps them keep busy by being productive and eventually forget the need to take drugs. It also puts their mind at ease, giving them the peace of mind they need.


  1. Improves Mental Health and Mood


We often turn to music when we feel sad, angry, frustrated, and stressed out. This is also what music therapy does to patients undergoing music therapy. It helps clear their mind and improve their mood. This is why music plays an important role in a recovery treatment program.


  1. Bring Forth Hidden or Forgotten Memories


Sometimes people suffer from mental health issues because of hidden feelings or memories. They feel that something is wrong though they just can’t put their finger on it. One way to evoke these memories and feelings is by relaxing their mind through listening to music or even by drawing or painting. Some even use dancing as an outlet to clear their heads.


  1. Self-Expression


Not all people have the ability to express themselves freely. Some try to hide their true feelings inside because they fear being judged or to avoid embarrassment. When all these thoughts and feelings are bottled up, it may cause them to turn to drugs, be violent or anxious all the time. By writing songs, singing, and drawing, they can express themselves without any fear.


  1. Aligns Mind and Body


Sometimes we all just need to pause for a while and reflect. By undergoing music and art therapy, it can help give inner peace to patients. It helps align the mind and body, helping them come up with better decisions in life and avoid hurting themselves.


  1. Discover New Skills


It helps patients uncover new skills. Discovering new talents can give patients a sense of importance and accomplishment. They can even share their newfound skills with others. Finding people that share the same interests also gives them assurance that they can turn to them in times of need.


  1. Helps Cope With Trauma


Focusing the patient’s attention on music or any form of art shifts their mind from thinking of the trauma or any bad experiences they have. It gives them something beautiful to think about apart from the trauma they experienced in the past.


  1. Keeps Them Calm and Relaxed


Sometimes these patients just need to calm their nerves and relax. They need to take their mind off any negative emotions they have. By listening to music or playing instruments, they can forget about and let go of any negative emotions inside them.


Music and art therapy is a different approach from the usual treatments of drug abuse and mental health issues. It has been proven to successfully heal patients and even give them a new purpose for living. However, this may not work for all patients and it is still best to seek professional treatment.