Drug Addiction Rehab Using Water-based and Land-based Outing Therapies that Eradicate Drug Addiction

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Engaging in outdoor activities can do wonders in eradicating drug addiction. Spending time outdoors gives you the opportunity to take part in activities that can be used as a form of recreational therapy. They help induce your brain to be focused on the ‘here and now’. And, such mindfulness can be achieved when you indulge in outdoor recreation such as the following:


Water-based Therapies




Fishing is an activity that requires much focus and attention thus making it ideal for those who yearn to have a mental break from their cravings for illicit drugs. In fact, fishing is known to provide benefits that are similar to what a person obtains from meditation. When an angler becomes too focused with the thought of catching big fish, his brain will no longer have room for negative thoughts.


Psychologists confirm that fishing can help reduce post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms by as much as 30 percent. If you’re into drug addiction to be able to cope with a past traumatic event, it is high time you tried angling.




The therapeutic benefits of swimming are brought about by its ability to allow the body to release the feel-good hormones. The release of these endorphins can lead to an improved sense of well-being and happiness.


A study conducted in the United Kingdom showed that engaging in swimming on a regular basis can help release tension, increase life satisfaction and improve self-worth. If you have been battling addiction for quite some time, you know that these things are too difficult to achieve with drugs. But if you go swimming, you will find that you do not need drugs to be able to feel good about life.


Whitewater Rafting


Whitewater rafting is one of those activities included in the so-called “wilderness therapy”. This is the form of therapy which started way back in the 1960s. It makes use of whitewater rafting and other activities that can be done outdoors to help addicts gain self-discovery.


Engaging in whitewater rafting has been correlated to all the tensions, pressure and challenges that people encounter in their family and social life. The best thing about whitewater rafting is that it is done in the wilderness where negative influences are not present. This activity improves an addict’s resilience and resourcefulness while also improving his adaptability to life’s uncertainties.


Land-based Therapies




A lot of addicts have turned to the meditative power of biking to be able to achieve sobriety. If you are the kind of person who loves to spend more time indoors, it is high time you changed your daily routine. Biking should give you a healthy excuse to go out and exercise.


Some bikers find themselves succumbing to a rhythm that allows them to unconsciously let out their frustrations without doing themselves any harm. For example, once they’re on their bike, they start slowly to warm themselves up. But as soon as negative thoughts, frustrations or anger creep in their thoughts, they would pedal as fast as they can. The force and energy they release while doing this gives them much relief as they were able to overcome negative emotions without giving in to their cravings for drugs.


Outdoor Yoga


Addiction works to take an individual out of his body. It prevents anyone from connecting with their inner selves. This is when outdoor yoga will prove to be beneficial. With outdoor Yoga, you will be reintroduced into the natural physical sensations in your body that you have been ignoring ever since you started using illicit drugs.


Yoga trains your brain to listen to what your body is saying. It gives you time to evaluate your senses and realize what really matters most in life. And, when you’re doing it outdoors, in the midst of nature you will get the bonus of relaxation which helps you get rid of anxiety, stress and depression. As a result, you find yourself feeling more grounded and more in control of your cravings.




Have you ever heard about a hike-induced brain boost? This activity boosts your brain in many ways as suggested by Taylor Recovery Drug Recovery. It helps reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety, stress and depression. A study conducted by experts from the Stanford University showed that spending time with nature such as through hiking has a significant calming effect on the brain.


Moreover, another research also showed that those who spend more time outdoors and less time using electronic gadgets were found to have better problem-solving skills. So, put more hours into hiking and you’ll realize you don’t need illicit drugs to jumpstart your brain’s problem-solving abilities.


These outdoor activities allow you to open yourself up to nature and enjoy its healing effects. The more you spend time indulging in these activities, the more chances you will have at regaining your passions and reclaiming the life that you once lost to drugs.