Face lift is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedure across the whole world. After all one of the reasons some people seek cosmetic surgery is to look young and fight signs of ageing.


Face lifts do not create a “new you,” but it brings back the younger-looking you. (Photo Credits)

The American Academy for Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) explained in detail this type of procedure. They mentioned that face lift or rhytidectomy remains to be one of the most sought after facial procedure. And while face lifts can make patients feel brand new, Cosmetic surgeons say it will not create a new face, instead it will just bring back that youthful face.

“A facelift is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the aging face by removing accumulated fat, re-supporting muscles that have stretched, and removing excess skin. The lower third of the face is targeted for refinement; therefore, a facelift does not eliminate forehead wrinkles, bags under the eyes, or crow’s feet.” Read more here.

The AAFPRS says there are different types of facelift surgery. The type that will be performed on the patient basically depends on the outcome the patient has in mind. For those who may not want to go under the knife but would still like to reap the benefits of facelift, then they may want to consider non-invasive facelift procedures.

The two treatments that will not include any surgical procedure are Titan and Thermage. Verywellhealth.com shared more information about these procedures in one of their web features.

“They both aim to heat the deeper layer of the skin (the dermis) in order to effect a ‘healing response.’ This healing response encourages increased collagen production and remodeling of existing collagen. Supportive underlying tissues of the skin contract, resulting in a tighter, more uplifted appearance to the skin.” Check out the full explanation here.

Face lift surgeries remain in demand, as they only do not make for a youthful skin, they also make for a more youthful outlook on the patient. Better confidence, happier patient.